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now "good morning maryland." a verdict is in. we now have information for you this morning for the exxon fuel that spilled. what it means for baltimore county families waiting for a answer. today, alcohol cost more. liquor stores are concerned and health advocates are celebrating. the 4th of july celebrations in dang -- end dangerously. we are work to keep you and
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your family safe. what's in store. it's 6:30 on this friday morning. july 1st, good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. before we get to the news, let's get started with meteorologist justin berk because it's a holiday weekend and people are making plans. >> yes and you are making plans to sit put for 30 seconds. >> absolutely. >> i've got more july sun fun facts. this is big hits. pay attention. this is how you will impress the kids or people at work. the days are getting shorter. they have been getting shorter since our summer solstice back on june 21st. but the sunset remain at 8:37. and it will stay that way until the 4th of july. then you will start to notice the days getting shorter. by the way, today's daylight, 31 seconds shorter than yesterday. but by the end of the month, all that excel rates july 31st. it will be one minute 52 second shorter than the day before which means you start getting two minutes shorter and shrink a minute onrise andset time by the end of the month.
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enjoy what we have. the thick of summer here. we don't have thickness in the air. it's cool and crisp and calm. five sweeps across the chesapeake showing nothing. good stuff this morning. # 0 in baltimore. 50 -- 60 in baltimore. and we have 50s in baltimore, howard and section of carroll county. by the bay, it's mid-60s but it's a good looking morning. we will roll through the 60s a nice day with mostly sunny skies. aiming for 89. sunset at 8:36. -- 8:37. here's tonya with traffic. >> reporter: no problems to report on the bridges. we are doing okay on the harbor tunnel as well. let's look at 895 south of o'donnell. no problems to report here. that's southbound traffic to the right. a little heavier than northbound traffic on the left. a couple incidents to tell you about. 95 northbound at the toll plaza. we have a disabled vehicle at the fort mchenry tunnel at the toll plaza. also a brush fire reported west
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franklin at wheeler avenue. so look for fire and police there. and a little congestion 95 southbound before 100. megan. >> all right, thanks so much. get ready to shell out a little more for your alcohol beginning today. a new law goes into effect. but it's not the price you should be concerned about when it comes to eating the crabs. you can get a deal there. linda so is live in parkville with both sides of the story. linda. >> reporter: both sides. that's right. okay. so the bad news is the 3% increase on the alcohol takes effect today. some places won't pass it along to the customer like here at conrad's crabs in parkville we will spent all morning with -- parkville. we have spent all morning with brendon who was kind enough to show us the art of steaming and seasoning and now crabbing the crabs open. >> everybody has a personal way. i typically start with take the claws off and i save them for last. more often than not, but every
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crab is different. the next step is getting the top shell off many you do a simple sell separation. and there's grued crab fat in the corners and -- good crab fat in the corners and that's tasty. once the -- tasty. once the shell is off, crack it in half and start work piece by piece. find the meat, enjoy. the claws, some kids like this the moat most. it's the fun -- most part. it's the fun part. you get to use the hammer and the meat comes out. >> reporter: you said if they are steamed, usually the meat in the claws won't stick to the skin. >> yeah not too much. it will come right out just like those did. it worked really well. and if we do our job right all day, most of the crabs will be working just like that. >> reporter: and you have to remember it could get messy. it's probably -- it probably usually does. >> always. >> reporter: we got creativethese are plastic bags. >> it gets the job done. >> reporter: so, i mean, noise
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that the hard. >> it's not that -- it's not that hard. >> it's not that hard. once you get through the first couple, you know what you are doing and you will have it the rest of your life. >> reporter: and they are available this weekend? >> yes. please give us a call. >> reporter: what's the number. >> 410-882-1515. >> reporter: okay and what about the prices? >> prices bushel is 39 for mall -- 139 for small. small dozens are 22, medium dozens at 34, and large at 56 and extra large at 72. >> sound like a -- >> reporter: you sound like a mathematician. >> there is a science to everything. >> reporter: you are actually not going to be raising the price on your beer either right? >> people need to enjoy the weekend. so it will ride for now. yep. >> reporter: so some places like conrad's will not be passing on that sales tax increase just yet to customers. here july 4th, they have plenty crabs. if you want to call in and order, you can. also the beer, prices are going to stay the same. thanks for being here. this is just really great.
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you are making me hungry. >> good. good. take some home and it was my pleasure. >> reporter: thanks. all right. back to you guys. looking at news around the nation this morning, look at this. the serial arsonist may have started this fire in downtown charleston, south carolina. witnesses spotted flames on the porch of a home early yesterday morning. it destroyed several cars and a motorcycle. it gutted three homes. no one was hurt. new orleans -- a new orleans man is blamed for robbing a convenience store with his 5-year-old son in tow. the robbery was caught on camera and you can see the man walking in the convenience store with the boy. they buy a couple items -- couple of items and head back to the car. man turns and comes back andsteals the cash from the clerk and she got a partial license plate number and the police caught him a short time later. the boy is reportedly with his mom. well, a stinging stow away. that's what a man is talking about when he woke up on a airplane and found a scorpion
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on his sleeve. it happened on an alaska earls flight from seattle to average -- airlines flight from seattle to anchorage. >> i thought it was a bug and i felt it crawling on my hand and looked up and said oh my god it's scorpion. >> it bit his arm and since he is was in the middle of the flight he had to wait until he landed to get eat checked out. even pear medics -- paramedics seemed freaked out. they had to google what to do after looking at the guy. he was okay. they think the scorpion stowed away after a stop in austin, texas, but get this alaska airlines so generous, two round trip tickets for his trouble and he he has 16,000 frequent flyer miles. that's one trip. all right. stay with us this morning. what is your favorite fast-food chain? there's a list out and it may surprise you. >> mine is not on it. this one list of college with
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the steepest tuition hikes. we will tell you about that coming you. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens! [ jim ] you know, that's our business so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the status quo.
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perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chickens. [ jim ] this is an all-vegetarian diet, no animal by-products, no animal fat. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type. it's not gonna happen. [ joe ] and always raised cage free. we set our goals higher than anyone. we're trying to make a better chicken. [ jim ] my dad did, my grandfather did and it's what we do today.
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now "good morning maryland ." it's 6:41. the senate will be back at work working on a deal for that debt ceiling. they canceled the plans for the 4th of july recess. there's no incation whether they will come to an agreement but hasn't that been a case for the years. tax cuts for healthy remains a major hang-up. the obama administration warns if the borrowing limit is not raised by 2 trillion by august 2nd, we could default the first time that would happen on any loans in u.s. history. a college degree may have high value on job market but it's also coming in at a higher
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price. the department education released college with the steepest tuition hikes tuition has surged more than 40% at certain college in the last three years. all right move over ronald mcdonald. you are not the fast-food king anymore many according to a consumer report study, the most popular fast-food chain is the west coast chain in-n-out. chipolte the number one mexican food joint and chick-til-a number one place for chicken. big name chains like taco bell and mcdonald's got low marks. and you are outraged. >> i am calling trafficity. no -- travesty. but i will say in-n-out burger my wife swears by it and says it's the greatest things. >> i hear it's good. hospitals can fall victim to a bad economy.
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>> one local hospital is layingpeople off. ahead, how many people at johns hopkins are losing their jobs. and you need a ride on the 4th of july? more information on,000 get home for free -- on how to get home for free. unemployed in baltimore city, the mayor is making a major announcement that she says will help you get back to work.
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now "good morning maryland." friday morning. first of july. thanks for joining us. this is your abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> it's a singing competition too many i won't sing but i am -- competition too. i won't sing but i am charley crowson. >> that's not sing but that's enthusiasm. i am megan pringle. before i start sing let's go over to justin berk. >> don't go anywhere. >> she was singing out of happiness. we don't lie. it's july. and here's another sun fun fact to set your spirits high. thank you for the response in
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the studio. did you know that earth is actually fartherest from the sun this month? >> i knew that. >> thanks, sir. >> and it o-- and it occurs 95 mill crop miles away on july 4th. that's 3 -- million miles away on july 4th. our coldest month in the northern hemisphere. it takes sunlight about 8.3 minutes to go from the sun to the earth. impress your kids with that. uv index will be high. and ocean city is 88 tomorrow. heating with up an evening thundershower possible sunday and into monday morning. 4th of july a little warm and humid at 92. tonya what do you got. >> reporter: 95 northbound before 279 we have emergency roadwork stay to the right. jfx at cold spring getting volume southbound to the left of the screen. and no problems to report here. we do have a few incidents to tell you about. we have an accident reported
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mcdown lane at songbird and broadway southbound at ashland in the city and west franklin steed at wheeler -- street at wheeler avenue for grass fire. 160 families, 495 million dollars. an oil leak contaminated the ground around their homes and ajudge order exxon mobile to pay up. sherrie johnson joins us with more. >> reporter: this morning, at 8:30, the-tire list of payouts from the -- the entire list of payouts from the exxon case will be available at baltimore county circuit courthouse. folks in one part of baltimore county says it's been a long time coming. a jury says exxon will pay a settlement well into the millions. the trial began about 6 months ago more than 150 homes near jarrettsville park and paper mill took a hit after a massive leak contaminated their underground water. in 2006, exxon leaked 26,000 gallons of gas into the jacksonville community and turned their lives upside down. exxon says it came clean admitting they did wrong but
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they argued they didn't commit fraud. >> we were willing to pay reasonable compensatory damages to those people damaged by the spill. we were certainly not willing to own up to something we absolutely didn't do. [audio not understandable] now i don't have to drive to towson to relive it in my mind. >> reporter: the injure award -- the jury award punitive damages from 50,000 to 40 million. families were award 49 a -- 459 million in compensatory damages. this could become the largest set men in the state's hist -- settle men in the state's history. more incentive to take an old home in baltimore city andfection it up part of the vacant to value booster program. the city will offer $10,000 in down payments and closing costs assistance. it's the only-- this is the only two-- the -- this is only
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to the first 50 buyers. program is -- the program is the mayor's plan to reduce blight in the city. baltimore city's summer jump-start warrant initiative targeting violent offenders will get an extension. the mayor will make the announcement later this morning throughout the month of june. law enforcement officials combined with the goal of getting a thousand violent offenders off the street of baltimore. the hope is to make the 150 in the next two weeks. as you get ready to head to the beach or for a barbeque, be sure to have a designated driver. but if you can't find one, baltimore city wants to going you another option. 50 -- going to give you another option. tipsy taxi will get you safe tower final destination. they are -- to your final destinations. they are offering free rides up to $50. they will pick you up at restaurants and bars not house parties. it runs through the holiday weekend, saturday, sunday and monday until 4 a.m.
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both -- all three nights the number to call is 877-963-taxi that's 8294. we have additional information at if you are headed to the beach, listen up. we know the best time to hit the road to avoid major traffic tieups. the maryland transportation authority says the best time to cross the bay bridge is the before -- is before 10 a.m. this morning and after 10 in the evening. if you are headed tomorrow, they say get up early, traffic is lighter before 7 a.m. and after 5 p.m. and on sunday, before 11 a.m. and you can head home late after 10 p.m. pyrotechnicians say avoid buying fireworks in brown paper. they are probably for professionals and not easy ones to use in the backyard many they say make sure to light the fireworks while they are in your hand and or you could get hurt. don't do that. on the website, find a list of everything you need to know
6:52 am look under the spotlight where you can find everything. news time is 6:51. one of the most famous hospitals in the world is -- is laying people off. 160 people will be laid off from johns hopkins hospital. transition into an electronic medical reporting system, 160 associates will loose their -- lose their jobs and the system will handle patient reports a spokesman for the hospital is saying they may be finding new jobs within hopkinsch the hospital is offering paid training. maryland based lockheed martin is announcing more job cuts. they will cut 1500 jobs on top of 1200 job cuts announced two weeks ago. the company leaders say most of the cuts will fall along higher paid workers. 9 company -- the company says they will offer voluntary layoffs in august and begin in mid september in five things to know before heading out of prows cutors will continue --
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heading out. prosecutors will continue the rebuttal. the defense rested yesterday without ever having casey anthony testify. the rebuttal case is expected to take about a day. closing arguments are expect to begin on saturday with jurors beginning the deliberation after. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake will announce a program designed to putunemployed people back to work. she is expected to sign a executive order encouraging companies to hire locally. and she can't require the contractors to do so. ed order aimed at trimming the 10-- the order is aimed at trimming the 10% unemployment wait. the coast guard is reminding boaters about safety on the water. they are going to talk about wearing hive jackets not drinking and boating and make smart choices over the weekend. 12 people have already died in our state from boating related accidents. travel will be a little easier for motorists heading through the delaware area. the network toll plaza, if you are going through there, the
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highway speed ez pass toll lanes will be open for testing. two lanes in each direction lay lou drivers with ez pass trance ponders to pay without -- transresponders to pay without slowing down. >> the n -- the nfl and nba are locked out. players and owners couldn't reach a new contract. and the two sides are far apart on just about every issue. especially revenue sharing. more than half of the teams say they lost money last season. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning. 6:54. a collection of all the sun fun facts will be mosted on -- posted on a weather blog on amount bc2 by -- by popular demand. the switchboard has been lit up with anticipation of more. how about more of the weather? 60 in baltimore.
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50 st. s north west -- 50s northwest. we have 82 in des moines, iowa. upper 70s in chicago and st. louis. that's the hot stuff building in the nation's heartland andtrying a slip in our direction. a hint of showers sliding out of the north. a lot of times we get the hot air masses, high pressure wraps around wind in the clockwise fashion. but we can get disturb ands riding over-- disturbances riding over the ridges and we may have to shift the patters are to the -- patterns to the east. still nice for today. we expect relatively dry weather as we go through the weekend. but there may be nuisances along the way, clouds may filter in tomorrow afternoon. showers into the mountains for you in garrett county and we may have a overnight shower. we could be dealing with scattered showers as the humidity builds up. comfortable and warmer at 89 today. tonight back down to 60. still comfortable and mid-60s by the bay. 92 tomorrow, 94 on sunday and
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again stray showers or thunderstorm possible. 4th of july is fine and mostly dry. a stray shower and muggy for the evening but we are aiming for a high in the low 90s. >> reporter: outer loop is slow between liberty road and baltimore national pike. that's expected. especially on a friday. let's look at the jfx at northern parkway. volume is building southbound to the right of the screen. no incidents in your way, though. this is usual volume hopefully it won't get too bad. we have some accidents to tell you about. the broadway and southbound at ashland in the city, also an accident baltimore county mcdowell at songbird and 95 southbound slow between white marsh and the 895 split. we want to know what your 4th of july plans are. hit us up on the wmar facebook fan page and let us know how you are celebrating and if we can go. >> share your thoughts throughout the course of the morning. these guys are back 579:25 for your update. time to -- back at 7:at that --
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7:25 for your update.
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